5 Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

A laptop battery has a limited lifespan and will begin to lose its capacity to hold a charge after a period of time. On average, a laptop battery should be good for around 400 charges before you will start noticing that it no longer powers the laptop for as long as it did in the past.

There are however many factors that can result in a battery losing it’s charging capacity faster and therefore ways to increase the life of a laptop battery.

1. Unplug The Laptop

Once the battery is fully charged, unplug the AC adapter. As mentioned above, a battery is only good for a certain amount of charges and leaving the AC adapter plugged in means that the battery is constantly charging. This eats away at those limited charges as well as causes damage to the battery. Only charge the battery when the laptop is off.

2. Remove The Battery

If you don’t want to keep plugging and unplugging the charger, remove the battery and work using the AC adapter. This will save your battery while allowing you to constantly use the laptop. You can then save the battery for use only when you don’t have access to an AC or power outlet.

3. Unplug Devices

USB cards, external hard drives, speakers, headsets, printers, etc, that are plugged into your laptop are all powered by the battery. This drains the battery much faster than when these devices are not plugged in meaning that your battery will need to be charged much sooner. So only plug-in devices when they are needed and unplug them immediately after use to save the drain on the battery.

4. Power Saver

Change the power settings on your laptop to save more power. Make sure that you use the screen saver, hibernate and sleep modes effectively to suit your usage requirements. For example, if you are using the laptop intermittently, it is best to allow it to hibernate after just a few minutes. If you are constantly forgetting to turn the laptop off, activate sleep mode after just a few minutes. Allow the laptop to enter sleep mode when it is closed. Also, adjust your screen brightness and other power saving settings to make sure your battery lasts as long as possible between charges.

5. Wireless Settings

Wireless settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also drain your battery power faster. So turn these off when not in use. So if you are working offline, turn off your Wi-Fi and only turn it back on when you go back online.

It is also a good idea to have a backup battery supply available. A second battery will mean that you can work for longer without having to plug in the AC charger or adapter. This will also give your battery a chance to cool down and save it from deteriorating faster due to heat from a laptop that is constantly on or in operation.

The best way to save your laptop battery is, however, to simply turn it off when it is not in use said by Orphan Laptops.

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